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OTTP002 – What is Business Process Outsourcing and How Does it Actually Work?


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What is Outsourcing

In this episode of the Outsource to the Philippines podcast you’ll get a much clearer understanding how offshore outsourcing, as an industry began. You’ll also learn to understand that although a lot of people believe that outsourcing is ‘evil’ and bad for ‘the economy’, for the small to medium-sized business owner it is golden, and brings massive opportunity their way!

We discuss the follow points, among many others:

  • The different ways to outsource certain tasks.
  • The four major types of virtual assistants and what they do.
  • How to start quantifying the tasks you might be thinking about business process outsourcing.
  • Various sources for finding outsourced workers.
  • A quick look at how to work with VA’s on a day-to-day basis.
  • Much more!

In this episode, we discussed the following resources:

Podcast Transcription

Well, hello everybody and welcome to the second session of the Outsource to the Philippines podcast. I am your host Chris Ducker and I’m coming to you live from my home office here in Cebu City, Philippines. And let me tell you something right now, if you could see the view that I have right now out of my home office window, we’ll, put it this way you’d be jealous. I’m not gonna rub it in anymore but it’s a beautiful day here in the Philippines; and no matter where you are, I hope everything is going well at your end as well…

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