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Knowing Your Filipino VA: Family Comes First

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In the Philippines, everything centers around the family: religion, daily activities, even entrepreneurial pursuits. And by family we mean: parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, in laws and an assortment of nieces, nephews and even cousins.

Filipino’s will put the needs of the family before their own, and this ultimately influences the overall work ethics of your Filipino virtual staff.

As an example, when a family member gets sick or dies, VA will file a leave. Even if a Filipino VA might not get paid, or risks getting reprimanded, they will file a leave from work just to take care of a sick parent or child, or help out with a family problem.

Likewise, if the family goes on vacation, the VA is expected to go. And it’s usually considered rude and impolite if you bail, even when if it means missing work.

This is why holidays and Sunday’s are sacred: they’re considered family days.

When it comes to family and money, most Filipino’s will almost always choose family. Only in the most extreme situations will they sacrifice family time for work. And it’s not because they don’t appreciate money (they do) but to them, losing family time may not be worth it.

The goal for most Filipino employees is not to retire at 65. In fact, most prefer to work for as long as they are able, thinking that this will keep them sharp and healthy, as with most Asian cultures.

And while most strive to be completely self-sufficient in their old age, children and grandchildren are also expected to care for them when they are elderly. This means, taking them into their homes and not placing them into a retirement facility.

What does it mean for you and your business?

Quite simply put, when there is a family emergency, or important gathering, that will almost always come first: whether it’s an uncle’s death, a sick child, or their sister’s wedding. Even if it means they do not get paid, or even get fired.

Any job that doesn’t recognize the importance of family is not worth having.Keep this in mind. Be a little mindful of this particular part of Filipino culture and remain flexible when dealing with them. Especially if they work for you full-time.

Doing all of this will enable you to build a great relationship with your Filipino workers, helping them become loyal, trust-worthy and highly productive for you and your business.

Which is kind of the whole point here, right?!

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