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The Importance of Virtual Assistant Job Description Documents

When planning to hire your virtual assistant here in the Philippines, it’s important to put together a good, concise, virtual assistant job description (JD) document. A quality job description for what your looking for in a virtual assistant will help you attract the best Filipino VA available, while maximizing their productivity as your new hire.

It’s important to understand that the Philippines is experiencing economic growth now like they’ve never seen before. This means that the job market is noisy with offers for experienced, talented virtual assistants. It’s important that your job description stand out and express exactly what you’re looking for.

When a talented filipino is looking for jobs and they come across your offer, it’s important that they read your job description document and feel confident that they can do what you are asking them. This will help you attract the highest quality people for the roles you are seeking to fill. Not only will this help you attract the specific type of person you need, it will also allow you to make the transition of bringing them into your business easier.

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Should Filipino Virtual Assistants Handle Voice Calls?

Managing Your Voice Calls Is it a good idea to have your virtual assistant handle your voice calls? In this episode […]

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How to Train Your Philippines Based Virtual Assistant

How to Train Your Virtual Assistant The importance of training absolutely can not be underestimated. This is especially true when […]

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How to Pay Your Filipino Virtual Assistant Wages & Bonuses

Wages and Salary for your Virtual Assistant in the Philippines One of the most common questions that business owners have […]

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Setting Up a Reporting System with Your Filipino VA

Developing a Virtual Reporting System with Your Filipino Virtual Assistant Business owners are constantly asking us about how to set […]

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Virtual Assistant Confidentiality, Non-Compete’s and NDA’s

Virtual Assistant NDA: Managing Confidentiality with Your Virtual Assistants Curious about how to approach confidentiality with your filipino virtual assistant? […]

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Why You need a Probationary Period with Your Virtual Assistant

How a Probationary Period Works After doing all your interviews, background checks and various other important steps to hiring the […]

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